Charging Management Software

Ensure fleet vehicle availability while reducing charging costs by 30-50%

Our management software can remotely optimize vehicle charging schedules to reduce costs and improve electric vehicle fleet operations

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Powerful Capabilities

Next-generation Solutions for Electric Fleet Management

Hardware Agnostic
Remote Command & Control
Advanced Reporting
Renewable Energy Integration
Demand Response Participation
Predictive Maintenance Insights

Our Use Cases

For Commercial EV Fleets

Charging and energy management for fleets operating drayage trucks, last-mile delivery, and more.Learn More

For Auto OEMs

White label GridLink's management software for OEMs to provide to fleet customers who are electrifying.Learn More

For EV Bus Fleets

Charging management to ensure your buses always have enough charge to pickup/drop-off your students.Learn More

For Utilities

Providing energy management insights, AI-driven forecasting tools, and V2G management to ensure seamless and efficient grid management and activities.Learn More

Weather Informed Charging

Charging management that predicts weather events and ensures your vehicles are charged before the storm and alerts you of grid outages or if it cannot meet demand.

Emissions Tracking

Have GHG emissions goals for your fleet? GridLink tracks and monitors your greenhouse gas emissions, empowering you to measure your environmental impact with real-time tracking and reports.

Alert Monitoring

Stay informed and take action with real-time alerts. Receive instant notifications about critical events, ensuring the smooth operation of your EV fleet.

Performance Analytics

Comprehensive performance analytics and reporting for your fleet, providing valuable insights into charging patterns, energy consumption, and operational efficiency.

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