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Industry Spotlight: April 10th - April 16th

Futuristic cityscape with high-rise buildings featuring vertical gardens and solar panels, bustling streets with electric vehicles, and pedestrian-friendly, tree-lined sidewalks, exemplifying sustainable urban living.

Welcome to GridLink's Industry Spotlight, your weekly source for the latest developments in electric vehicles, charging solutions, and the evolution of electric mobility. Each week, we handpick the most impactful news, breakthrough technologies, and insightful commentary that shape the electric vehicle sector and its infrastructure. Designed for enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone intrigued by the electric revolution in transportation, our blog aims to enlighten, inspire, and keep you abreast of this dynamic industry. Check back every week to stay ahead of the curve and join GridLink in driving towards a sustainable, electrified future. 

  • Ford starts construction on a massive electric vehicle battery plant in southern Michigan after announcing, pausing, and scaling back the project in 2023. (Bridge)

  • An appeals court upholds the U.S. EPA’s decision to allow California to set its own electric vehicle sales mandates and tailpipe emissions limits. (Reuters)

  • Minneapolis elementary school students who convinced district leadership to buy electric buses take a test ride in the first ones to arrive. (Star Tribune)

  • Michigan is offering millions of dollars in funding to bolster research on recycling materials from electric vehicle batteries. (IPR)

  • Missouri lawmakers are considering creating a $1 billion fund for an incentive program to lure megaprojects like electric vehicles and battery factories to the state. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

  • Ocean City, Maryland’s transportation department plans to seek federal funds to study how to transition to a zero-emissions bus fleet. (OC Today-Dispatch)

  • Amazon has installed more than 17,000 electric vehicle chargers at its warehouses over the last two years, making it the biggest U.S. private charging operator as it easily surpasses competitors’ clean vehicle goals. (Bloomberg)

  • Indiana officials say a pilot highway construction project that charges electric vehicles as they drive has the potential to spur greater adoption and change how the public thinks about EVs. (Inside Climate News)

  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania’s school district kicks off an electric school bus pilot program with two all-electric models. (Lehigh Valley Live)

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