Charging Management

Customizable Fleet Charging Optimization

Charging Schedule OptimizationThe core of the GridLink platform is charging schedule optimization. Tailored to your fleet's needs, we ensure your vehicles are charged as efficiently as possible.
Cost SavingsDepending on your service territory, GridLink's charging management can save your fleet over 50% of its cost of charging.
Remote & SecureOptimization is done in seperate instances that can be run on site or securely in the cloud to make sure that your fleet's operations are safe.
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Platform Features

Extensive monitoring and control of all aspects of your EV fleet

Vehicle Tracking

Gain real-time visibility into the status and health of each vehicle, including battery levels, charging status, and maintenance needs. Monitor vehicle utilization and optimize routes to minimize downtime and increase operational efficiency.

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Fleet Analytics

Track and analyze critical metrics, such as charging patterns, energy consumption, and vehicle performance. Make informed decisions, optimize fleet operations, and drive efficiency with our comprehensive analytics tools.

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Charging Site Monitoring & Control

With GridLink's monitoring and control features, have full oversight of your charging infrastructure. Monitor real-time status and performance, analyze historical data, and gain valuable insights. Optimize load distribution by setting custom constraints and managing charging rates and schedules. Ensure efficient operation, minimize costs, and streamline fleet charging management with GridLink.

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Custom AI Insights

Our AI large language model allows for custom, tailor-made insights based on plain english.

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Frequently asked questions answered

What types of fleets can benefit from using GridLink?

GridLink is designed to support various types of fleets, including utility fleets, government fleets, last mile delivery fleets, and more. Our software can be customized to meet the specific needs of different fleet sizes and operational requirements. Whether you have a small local fleet or a large-scale operation, GridLink can help you optimize your EV charging, reduce costs, and contribute to sustainable transportation.

How does GridLink optimize EV charging schedules?

GridLink optimizes EV charging schedules by utilizing real-time grid congestion data. Our software analyzes the current state of the grid and predicts future congestion levels, allowing fleet operators to schedule charging during off-peak times when the grid can handle the load more efficiently. This optimization reduces strain on the grid, minimizes charging costs, and ensures reliable vehicle uptime.

Does GridLink integrate with existing fleet management systems?

Yes, GridLink is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing fleet management systems. Our software can interface with popular fleet management platforms, allowing for a streamlined and unified approach to EV fleet operations. By integrating with your current systems, GridLink enhances your overall fleet management capabilities, providing you with comprehensive insights and control over your charging infrastructure.

How does GridLink ensure grid reliability during peak demand periods?

GridLink plays a crucial role in maintaining grid reliability during peak demand periods. By analyzing grid congestion data in real-time, our software helps fleet operators strategically schedule EV charging to avoid overloading the grid. This proactive approach ensures that the grid remains stable and reliable, minimizing the risk of power outages or damage to grid assets. GridLink's grid-aware charging management significantly contributes to the long-term sustainability of the electric grid infrastructure.
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