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Industry Spotlight: March 13th - March 19th

Bustling city intersection with diverse electric vehicles using wireless charging technology, surrounded by digital billboards promoting EV advancements, amidst buildings with vertical gardens and solar panels, showcasing a sustainable and innovative urban future.

Welcome to GridLink's Industry Spotlight, your weekly source for the latest developments in electric vehicles, charging solutions, and the evolution of electric mobility. Each week, we handpick the most impactful news, breakthrough technologies, and insightful commentary that shape the electric vehicle sector and its infrastructure. Designed for enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone intrigued by the electric revolution in transportation, our blog aims to enlighten, inspire, and keep you abreast of this dynamic industry. Check back every week to stay ahead of the curve and join GridLink in driving towards a sustainable, electrified future. 

  • A new Biden administration plan aims to build electric semi-truck chargers along high-traffic sections of highway across the country, largely in the Northeast, on the West Coast, and in Texas. (The Hill)

  • The Biden administration plans to unveil a clean car rule next week that would require carmakers to cut average vehicles emissions 52% by 2032, likely spurring electric vehicle production. (Politico)

  • Biden admin debuts infrastructure plan to electrify nation’s trucks by 2040 (Electrek)

  • Electric vehicle prices have plummeted over the last two years, with the average purchase price now only $5,000 higher than the average for gasoline-powered vehicles. (Washington Post)

  • Canadian EV manufacturer wins U.S. distinction (Canadian Manufacturing)

  • Rivian announces that its electric vehicles will soon be able to charge with an adapter at thousands of Tesla charging stations. (CleanTechnica)

  • Former President Trump continues to use violent language when describing how he’ll throttle the electric vehicle industry if elected. (New York Times)

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